With my business partner Chris Fenner I run One In Ten Productions UK. Head on over to our site to find out what we do!


By day, I hang out with some REALLY cool teenagers as a Performing Arts Technician. I love it!


I write music with my business partner Chris, and I also do it solo. In 2009 I made the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Competition.

Junction 6

Junction 6 - On Set with Sound "Would you like a Sound Recordist with that?" When David Woods asked me to come along and record sound on Outward Film Network's latest feature Junction 6 I said yes without so much as a second thought. So I hauled myself out of bed at...

Everyday Phrases that came from Friends

It's over a decade since the hit sitcom 'Friends' left our screens. Recently I have been hooking up online with my old 'Friends' Friends. For the years straddling the millennium I was part of a newsgroup called uk.media.tv.friends which discussed the tv show...

Football is a girls game

So for once we were actually getting somewhere in the football world cup - but it wasn't our boys doing the good work on behalf of our nation. Our women's team made it through to the semi-finals! The semi-finals? In a world cup? In football? Amazing! So why can't the...

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