It’s over a decade since the hit sitcom ‘Friends’ left our screens. Recently I have been hooking up online with my old ‘Friends’ Friends. For the years straddling the millennium I was part of a newsgroup called which discussed the tv show ‘Friends’… that is when we weren’t having off topic discussions about ‘that time of the month’. I’ve noticed recently how many everyday phrases that came from Friends have made into my vernacular. How does one realise how much friends they’ve watched? Perhaps when these things make it out of their mouths…..

Everyday Phrases that came from Friends


Literally still laughing my bottom off!!!


I have never moved anything without Ross’s immortal “Pivot” line entering my head and it usually makes it out of my mouth. Wether I have been moving house or equipment at work. Wether I am moving sofas or awkwardly shaped boxes. Sometimes I’ve just been moving myself round an awkward corner and I still say “Pivoooot!!”

You have to stop the q-tip when there's resistance

A q-tip is a cotton bud to you and I in England

“Ok, you have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance!”

Whenever someone says something exceedingly dumb, or stupid this tends to leave my mouth. Luckily I don’t have to say it very often!

Now you're in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

“You waited too long and now you’re in the friends zone”

Everyone knows what being in the Friend Zone means, and it’s certainly part of my vernacular although it’s moving into disuse these days as most of my friends are partnered up.

Oh My God


“Oh My God!”

I don’t think I ever used the phrase “Oh My God” until I watched Friends. Oh my god is definitely firmly in my vernacular. Janice most famously said it, but here’s another ‘Oh My God’ moment.

Oh My God

“I’ll be back in 18 pages. Front and Back!”

I don’t say this as said on the show, but I use it to refer to any emotional written outpouring. Usually something along the lines “This is my 18 pages front and back”. Equally “You fell asleep?” from the same storyline gets an outing every once in a while.

18 pages front and back

Always read a break-up letter guys!