When was the last time I posted???

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So I figured it was about time, I actually posted something here, but what would anyone coming across this page want to know about this ‘ere lady from the South?

I’m gonna keep this 2014 for the now. What have I been up to? Well, January I disappeared into the world of Musical Theatre co-directing the Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School Senior Production of ‘Cabaret’. When I say I disappeared, many people tried to reach me, but due to a lack of even a remote interest in anything other than the show, they were unsuccessful. The production of ‘Cabaret’ was however extremely successful! So proud of all the kids and their hard work. I have learned a few things about myself as a result. The first is, that as hard as anyone may try trying to direct and technically manage a show is almost impossible and at some point on ones birthday when the sound desk stops working you may shed a tear or two.

The second thing I have learned is what an excellent tool the Allen & Heath GLD 80 is. Not only is it an incredibly powerful and extremely well thought out sound desk, it is an excellent tool for learning. We had a student and our apprentice operating it and during the show, I could not only monitor what they were doing from the comfort of my own iPad, but I could also adjust things if they were needed. In the future doing tutorials on this desk will be brilliant, no longer will the kids have the crowd around me whilst I poke and prod things, oh no, now they can sit in front of it and I can talk and show things from another location. I’m looking forward to using the desk again at our production of ‘Return To The Forbidden Planet’ in July, and having some more time with it. I know there are echelons of things it can do that are yet to be discovered! Big thanks to Henley Theatre Services for having us over to have some initial time with the desk prior to production, that was a big help, it’s not particularly a desk I would want to go into cold!

So that was Jan, and it seems February brought some more recording time with Hollywood & Genius. We’ve laid down the initial recording of ‘Shut Up’ a few pickups to redo and then it’ll be ready for mixing. We also penned our first song which we’re hoping to record in April alongside a possibly incredibly hilarious version of ‘Timber’…. yes… we’ll see.

March was busy with the day job (exams, exams, exams), plus I got the opportunity to work with Rosie’s Rainbow Fund on their new fundraising pack. It was incredibly delightful to work with these guys as they do so much not only for the kids up at John Radcliffe and Stoke Mandeville, but also offer respite for the parents of these brave little soldiers. The fund is based at Redroofs Theatre School, where ‘Rosie’ attended until she sadly died, and this fund has been set up by her parents in her memory.

Now it is April and it looks like I have loads in store, which hopefully I will update you on in a timely fashion!

Stayed tuned! @chisbabe


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