She's the Man: The Greatest Shakespeare Adaptation of All Time?

She’s the Man: The Greatest Shakespeare Adaptation of All Time?

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I’m pretty sure Vinnie Jones heart breaks when he remembers his starring role in 2006’s ‘Shes the Man’. If only for the way the script writers bent the rules and regulations of football to fit the storyline. However in spite of the Americans disregard for the sanctity of the rules and regulations of the beautiful game – I flippin’ love it! My husband sighs when I find it is once again being broadcast and start watching it. He’s an avid football fan and it winds him up. I can’t help being swept away with the slapstick, far-fetched abomonation of a Shakespeare classic.

Shes the Man - It's brilliant! Ssh!

It’s Brilliant! ‘Ssh!!!’

It reminds me of a play I did when I was about 14 called IIRC ‘Just For Kicks’. It told the tale of girls who when aged 12 were ousted from their mixed football team. I think – although it’s a bit fuzzy – they ended up defying FIFA rules and playing or winning – or something girl powery. That’s probably one of the reasons why I quite like this. This play had to be my first taste of ‘Girl Power’ (Spice Girls aside) certainly me being able to embody it. I do think it totally SUCKS that there are no mixed football teams. It sucks that there is a ‘rule’ which says Girls can’t play football with boys after age 12. I’m not surprised that women’s football has had a bad rep and is not particularly popular (although hopefully that is turning around).

But what else makes the similar storyline of ‘She’s The Man’ appeal so much to me?

Because heels are a male invention designed to make women's butts look smaller.

I hate heels too.

Viola is the epitome of every tom girl. She’s got the somewhat overbearing mother trying to get her to be more ladylike. My mother is still trying to get me into ‘pretty’ clothes and marvels whenever I wear some sort of colour. She plays football, and of course is incredibly good. To stand out in a male dominated game you have to be. She’s a girl at heart of course, and falling for Duke. She loves a bit of cheese (gouda) and is scared of spiders. Actually Duke is too!

Shes the Man - Scared of Spiders


Of course there’s a host of other funny characters who help Viola keep her true identity under wraps. Of course out to thwart Viola are a cast of characters including a dastardly ex-boyfriend, odd principal and her brothers annoying ex-girlfriend. Somehow of course it all relates back to twelfth night!

So if you’re looking for a light bit of home cinema, do check it out. It isn’t cut from the same cloth as a classic modern teen movie like ‘Mean Girls’ but it rates a bit higher than other Lohan classics and Amanda Bynes truly holds her own.

Is it me does this soccer match have more nudity than most?

My favourite moment

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